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The Republic of Cordoba

Xavier Fourtou, Lisa Chaput

"I'am Andalusian. Once upon a time, in Cordoba, there was a red brick synagogue that was enlarged and converted into a mezquita, before being transformed, without any modification, into a cathedral. The people of my region have the good fortune to be Christian, Muslim and Jewish. Cordoba is at the origin of humanity, a place where many of the planet's beliefs converge, and as a result it gives its people
a distinctive characteristic, a secret. I have invited you here this evening with the intention of telling you about it. Do you agree to share in it?"

"Xavier Fourtou, French psychoanalyst and author of this tale that has been beautifully illustrated by designer Lisa Chaput, presents a story that is tender and sociable, and will make you want to live more fully, wherever you may be."

Broché - format : 11,5 x 18,5 cm
ISBN : 979-10-302-0359-2 • 23 novembre 2020 • 88 pages
EAN13 : 9791030203592
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EAN ePUB : 9791030218121

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